When you are diagnosed with cancer you want the most effective and supportive team to guide your success

Terminal Cancer Isn't The End

Inside Health's LIVE LONGER AND STRONGER Cancer Retreats offer intimate, personalized care to those in any step of their journey. Our goal is to strengthen your mind and body from the inside out so you not only believe in yourself, but in your recovery.

Dr. Lori Bouchard, N.D,. author of Live Longer and Stronger with Breast Cancer and owner of Oakville's most innovative naturopathic healing centre, Inside Health Clinic, along with Dr. Marco Bouchard, chiropractor and neurofunctional acupuncture expert, are passionate about providing hope and supporting you living longer and stronger with cancer.

What Is a Cancer Retreat?

At Inside Health we take the time to listen, evaluate, and nourish not only the patients physical needs but also their mental needs. The LIVE LONGER AND STRONGER Cancer Retreat, founded by Dr Lori Bouchard, and run by Inside Health’s health professionals, and support staff helps our patients deepen their understanding of their diagnosis through integrative cancer care to eliminate the root cause of dysfunction in the body. 

Inside Health recognizes the need for more comprehensive information and resources regarding cancer and other chronic/complex diseases. While the current healthcare model focuses mainly on the disease and “quick fixes” to suppress symptoms; integrative cancer care helps the individual by providing a wide range of assessments, facts, and resources to help them fight back. 

Instead of chasing the growth of abnormal cells, take an integrative approach to boosting your system as each week of this journey demonstrates a focus on boosting your immune, lymphatic, digestive, and nervous systems.

Hope Is Found

It is reported that 50% of men, and 33% of women will experience some form of cancer in their life - which is quite a staggering statistic.

But terminal cancer isn't the end.

From the fast-paced working person, to the post-chemo in-remission warrior wanting everything possible to stay in remission, the LIVE LONGER AND STRONGER Cancer Retreat is specially made for you.

Because all the work is done for you, this program is integral to those who want to get well, but feel too weak and tired, or are unsure how to get started.

Who The Cancer Retreat is For

Inside Health’s LIVE LONGER AND STRONGER Cancer Retreat is not just for those living with cancer. Our integrative cancer care treatment approach is tailored to fit anyone struggling with chronic illness, in-remission, or those looking for help with overall strengthening of their body’s immune system.

The best candidates for our program are:

Those with a cancer diagnosis

Those diagnosed with a chronic disease

Those needing immune support

Those with multiple diagnoses (Asthma, Depression, Anxiety, Lyme, Mold, Auto-Immune Conditions)

Those wanting to do everything possible to fight cancer or reverse their disease process

Those who are done with chemo and want to detox their body, and clean out the chemicals and toxicity that is has been bombarded with

Those heading into chemo, and want to feel as strong as possible

Types of Cancers We See:

Breast Cancer (hormonal, triple negative, HER2+)

Prostate Cancer

Lung Cancer

Colon Cancer

Blood Cancer (Lymphoma)

Cervical/Ovarian Cancer

Thyroid Cancer

You’re not alone in this journey. We understand you might be feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and hopeless – that’s where we come in. In order for Inside Health to better understand your specific circumstances, it’s advised that you contact our clinic for an assessment before starting your path to recovery.

The Inside Health Difference

In order to better accommodate our patients, and to align with our best practices of ensuring each individual has accessible integrative cancer care, we now offer virtual assessments and treatment options. By continuing to grow our partnerships with clinics all over Ontario, we are able to offer our patients treatment options closer to home.

There is no need to spend more money, time, and exhaustive efforts on travel-related expenses. Inside Health wants our patients to feel comfortable, secure, and close to their loved ones during this difficult time. Find a refreshing new outlook on life and living through Inside Health’s LIVE LONGER AND STRONGER Cancer Retreat – you’re closer than you think!

What to Expect

When your body is healing, it is critical that you are able to relax and allow your body to focus on regeneration instead of stress. This is why we make it our top priority to provide dedicated assistance so that you can finally activate your body's innate self-healing potential to re-balance and reverse your symptoms.

During the one-to-three week integrative cancer care retreat, you can expect the following:

Intake and Education

The LIVE LONGER AND STRONGER Cancer Retreat starts with patients being educated about their health and how to transform their disease. By teaching them about the many aspects of true health and healing, they’re able to understand, step-by-step, what is needed to reverse any complicated and chronic disease – including cancer

What to eat and how to cook it

What lifestyle changes need to be made

How to manage stress

Understanding your body on a cellular level

What additional tests and services are needed to heal on a deeper level.

Initial Assessment

Once the intake and assessment is complete and Inside Health has identified what additional tests and services are needed, we’re able to perform said tests. Our personalized approach allows us to recognize that every person comes with a unique set of causes that trigger them to feel unwell.

On day one, a thorough health assessment is performed and all recent labs collected. Additional labs/imaging are requested to complete the full picture of where the patient is at

Results are then reviewed and integrated into a comprehensive plan for the patient to follow through the entirety of the cancer retreat.

The types of testing you can expect on day one include:

Stool testing

Lung Oxidative stress tests

Organic acids test

Hormone testing

Genetics testing

Heavy metals test

Results-Oriented Treatment Approach

Inside Health believes that true healing is a journey.

When it comes to chronic diseases, especially cancer, we know that the onset of the illness does not happen overnight. Most cancers can take five to 10 years prior to a tumor even being felt. Surgery and chemo may help the tumor shrink or disappear, but it doesn’t change the environment in which cancer grew in the first place, or prevent abnormal cells from coming back.

A large part of the program involves treatments to get your lymphatic system (the system that transports lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells) moving. The goal is to build strength to the person with cancer, enabling them to become more resilient to anything that comes their way. By strengthening your immune system, you’re able to eliminate waste easier, leaving you feeling mechanically stronger.

Inside Health’s integrative cancer care treatment approach primarily focuses on the following:

Boosting the immune system to fight cancer and infections more effectively

Maximizing nutrition for increased energy and mood

Highlighting the importance of dedicated relaxation time to allow for regeneration and healing.

Healing Made Easy

True healing can only happen when the body is able to have little or no stress, and time to detox. When an individual has been ill for weeks, months, or years, they often lack the energy of what it truly takes to feel well. 

This is the exact process that Inside Health focuses on most, ensuring that any patient who partakes in the cancer retreat has an easy-to-follow schedule put into place for them, where the staff does all the work.

A Typical Day In-Clinic

The LIVE LONGER AND STRONGER Cancer Retreats are a one-to-three week program that includes everything you will need for ultimate detox and healing, including the initial medical assessments and end of week follow-up with your naturopathic doctor to review the plan going forward.

A typical day in-clinic will differ depending on the patient’s specific needs, however, you can expect something like this:

  • 9am

    Medical evaluation, Labs, Imaging

  • 10am

    Nutrition Packed Meals

  • 10am

    Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) Therapy

  • 10:15am

    Oxygen Therapies

  • 11am

    High Dose IV Vitamin C Therapy

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What Our Patients Say About Us

  • Inside health is a wonderful clinic. Filled with very professional, knowledge and kind staff. Recently I tried the ozone inhalation to help with inflammation in my sinuses. I have been having issues smelling and tasting due to nasal polyps for 2 years. The ozone inhalation along with other treatments has most certainly aided in my return to tasting and smelling. I highly recommend trying this if you have inflammation or an infection in your sinuses.

    - Paven B. Show More
  • The staff is great. Very friendly. They literally changed my views regarding my health. I felt the changes within 2 weeks. Knowing what I am allergic to, completely changed my mindset. Absolutely recommended. :)

    - Lorraine G.
  • Bought a package of 3 for colon cleans due to ulcer problem and after 2 treatments I haven’t had any ulcer problem, Megan did the treatment and was very sweet and professional, highly recommend.

    - R. Sahota

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